About me

Hi there, my name is Sarah and I am a German virtual health coach & yoga teacher, now living at the beach in Italy.

When I was 17, I went to the US to do a high school year abroad.

I returned to become vegan, which was the beginning of me walking my own path and taking care of myself, my future and my health.

Soon after, I dropped out of optional schooling to walk my own path and follow my passions:

health yoga fitness nutrition travel

Here is how it went:

My qualifications:

On a personal note:

For years I tried to find "the key" to health,  battling food intolerances, suffering from bloating, skin issues, weight fluctuations of several kg within short period of times, intense mood swings, self doubt, ... 

I jumped from diet to diet hoping to find a cure and ultimate happiness in one of them.

I never knew what I really wanted or who I was.

It wasn't until I followed my heart & passions, set goals and started to walk my own unique path to create the life I love.

I began to realise that life, we and our bodies are so much more complex than just "one key" that will suddenly unlock the doors to whatever it is we seek.

Health is like a puzzle - made out of many small pieces. It is important to consider each single piece; creating union and harmony instead of focusing on just one or two elements. 

About Shealth Now

Shealth Now is an online platform inspiring and guiding people towards living a healthier life.

In order to experience health & happiness we need to create lasting balance in the whole body (not just one aspect). 

Here at Shealth Now we watch and work on "the whole picture" and treat each person as unique and special as they are. It is all about YOU!

Our mission

  • support and guide individuals from stuck to thriving

  • help individuals gain confidence around themselves and their bodies

  • cut through the confusion of overload on health theories and take away the sensation of being overwhelmed

  • make health and nutrition simple

  • empower to establish sustainable health goals that work for their bodies and lifestyle

Our vision is to ...

  • bring freedom and clarity to people's mind and life
  • make healthy habits stick
  • guide people away from restrictions, guilt and hard work not paying off - and support them towards a life of self love, freedom around food and understanding as well as honouring their individual needs
  • contribute to a world of happy and healthy people